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Chiltern Teaching Schools Alliance
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A Teaching School Alliance is a group of schools and other partners that is supported by the leadership of a teaching school

Our Teaching School Alliance

Our Teaching School Alliance provides a framework for school-to-school improvement and collaboration which is designed to improve the quality of teaching and leadership. In more specific terms our alliance exists to:

  • provide high quality ITT and CPD
  • support preparation for all levels of team and school leadership through to headship and executive headship
  • encourage peer challenge and support across the alliance
  • ensure an improving trend in pupil achievement and outcomes in our schools
  • provide school-to-school support within and beyond the alliance where necessary
  • share existing learning and generate new learning across the alliance and network of teaching schools through research and development.

The following values underpin this work:

  • A strong belief that school led and school-to-school collaboration are fundamental to sustained improvement.
  • Openness, honesty and trust based on ongoing dialogue and self-evaluation.
  • A positive, solution focused, outward-facing approach.
  • Commitment and a willingness to engage positively with the expectations of the alliance and its activities and to operate within the agreed framework.
  • A strong moral imperative to develop excellent teaching and learning through peer challenge, review and support.
  • A commitment to evaluating the impact of alliance activities on improved standards and classroom practice.
  • A commitment to developing leadership at all levels, prioritising agreed CPD activities and evaluating their impact.

Teaching school provision is open to all schools depending on availability. However, schools which are within the alliance work together much more closely in planning, developing and engaging in the provision across the range of activity. In particular, they have a strong commitment to peer challenge and support based on the values and beliefs of the alliance.


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